About Us


TRIB was founded in September 2015 with the vision of becoming a major player in provision of Online Forex Trading Education. Since then we have progressively grown the concept through development of learning/teaching materials and a curriculum in consultation with Curriculum Development Assessment and Certification Council (CDACC) and the Department of Education and Training of the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).

TRIB caters to train career men and women in diverse fields, students in higher institutions of learning and form four leavers in Online Forex Trading. This is a skill that will empower the youth to make money in the Forex Markets as they carry on with their mainstream career courses.

Professional citizens of this country, Kenya and beyond will have an additional source of income where they can make profits through Forex Trading at the comfort of their home or offices. We train students to become seasoned Forex Traders and guide them on how to access the advanced trading platforms from incredible brokerage firms. The Forex Trading competencies transferred to our students by the trainers will consequently be in a position to benefit in the following ways;

  • Accessing dealing rooms of Commercial Banks and brokerage firms, an environment the Forex traders will harness a massive wealth of experience.
  • Provide advisory services in securing and procuring MetaTrader4 (MT4), the platform that facilitates access to the global money markets from credible online foreign exchange software providers.
  • Practice effective and efficient brokerage services as provided for by the capital markets Act on online Foreign Exchange Trading.
  • Effectively manage online exchange trading funds and portfolios
  • Offer Forex trading strategies that will enable the Forex trader manage risks whilst trading in order to execute quality and successful trades.
  • Offer expertise to other Forex Traders through provision of effective and reliable signals that will facilitate the execution of winning trades.
  • Offer effective and efficient financial advisory services on the process of trading in the online Forex Markets.
  • Train others in the online forex trading skill.
  • Develop teaching and learning materials in form of textbooks and realia.

In our two years in the forefront in the provision of the online Forex Trading Education, we have remained strong and focused, to in the long run provide Kenyans with a credible template in form of an accredited curriculum by CDACC through which millions of jobs will be created. This implies that the jobless will have an avenue to employ themselves. Our country will on the other hand in return, derive tax from the population active in Forex Trading, thus increasing the economic impetus of the nation. This will as well answer to the needs of society as outlined in vision 2030.

The Royal Institute of Business is a world class institute that offers conducive environment for nurturing individual skills. The institute provides in-depth strong academic programs and business skills that enable all our students to offer technologically excellent services in the world’s economy and inculcate innovation for self reliance. The global economy is currently driven by entrepreneurship as a result of the educational empowerment the institute offer to the youth through technology.

It is for this reason therefore that our institution is full of energy that is fueled by dynamism that enables the youth to gain prowess in the changing world that is practically competitive in technology characterized by societal demands. We embrace diversity, culture and religion from all walks of life. The Royal Institute of Business is your institution of choice and the place to be.